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Sheet Protection Film


Wood Panel Protection Film, Aluminum Panel Protection Film, Laminate Board Protection Film, Acrylic Protection Film (PMMA) , Painted Aluminum Sheet Protection Film, Aluminum Alloy Sheet Protection Film, Plastic Panel Protection Film (PVC Sheet, PE Sheet, PET Sheet, PC Sheet) , Sandwich Panel Protection Film, Steel Plate Protection Film, Metal Plate Protection Film

1. Our sheet protection film can protect the surface of window and door from pollution, corrosion and scratches during production, transportation, storage and installation, etc.
2. It leaves no residue of glue or trace on the surface of target.
3. It is easy to attach and remove.
4. The product has stable adhering capacity.
5. It can be printed with company's logo, trademark, advertising messages etc.

Technical Parameters of Sheet Protection Film

Thickness0.03mm - 0.15mm
Width10mm - 2150mm
Length100m -2500m
ColorTransparent, blue, white and black and other colors; can be printed with 1 - 4 colors.
Core of productPaper pipe or plastic pipe
Diameter of core


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