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Products Name

Sandwich Panel Protective Film (Metal roofing panel,Pre-Painted Steel And Galvanized Steel)



Type of Adhesive

Water based glue/Solvent-based acrylic adhesive


White,Clear/Transparent,Blue,White Black etc


Widely use:20mic,25mic,30mic,40mic,50mic,60mic etc


Widely use:1000mm,1220mm,1250mm etc


Widely use:500m,1000m etc


Up to 5 colors

Tensile Strength

Longitudinally>8N/25mm Horizontal>15N/25mm


Longitudinally>300% Horizontal>180%

UV Resistance



Sandwich Panel Protective Film (Metal roofing panel,Pre-Painted Steel And Galvanized Steel)

Protective film apply for Sandwich Panel,Pre-Painted Steel,Galvanized Steel,Roof Panel, Wall Panel, Fireproof Panel etc.

Perfect products need good protection!                                                    

LASPEF protective film prevent damage to surfaces, saving expensive reworking and unnecessary production losses.      

LASPEF protective films not only protect the surfaces of your valuable products during handing, mechanical, transport, assembly, stroage process but also can improve your brand image by printing your logo on its surface. We offer films in various quality, color, printability, thickness,length,width and adhesive.

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• Surfaces to be protected should be dry, free from dust, oil, solvents or other chemicals. • The best results are obtained with temperature of surface and surroundings at +15°C to 40°C. • Use laminating machines with rubber coated press rollers. • Try to eliminate or minimise film elongation, and the formation of air bubbles and folds during lamination. • Removing the film is advisable to perform in the temperature range 5°C to 40°C (Not below 5°C). • The film is not suitable for extreme thermoforming.

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